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We are at your service with our expert team that has mastered all the processes of poultry farming and produces modern and technological solutions from start to finish.

Since 1978, our company, which has been working for the production of the best eggs and has been targeting professionalism and international effectiveness since its establishment, has been increasing its position in the sector with its safe services.

We develop the poultry sector with our professional team and contribute to the sector with our R&D studies in this field.
We represent our country in the best way in many parts of the world with the pride of being a global brand that makes domestic production with our world-class expert staff.


With our experience in poultry production, we build the integrated systems you need by offering solutions for the most efficient production covering all processes from start to finish.

Cage Systems

We prepare modern and technological infrastructure for you to ensure safe and healthy production


We design and implement highly efficient mechanical cage systems that are suitable for your needs and adapt to different climatic and geographical conditions.

Service Support

We work with our customers by adopting the win-win principle. We are the business partner of our customers. We create our processes as solution-oriented in line with the requests from our customers.

We are changing with the changing technology and the world!

We closely follow the changing and developing technologies every day and aim to offer the most up-to-date technologies to our valued customers. Our R&D department develops our systems every day and strives to minimize your workload.

Poulmech has proven itself as Poulmech and has exported and continues to export to many countries around the world. We always strive to offer the best and quality for our customers.

Industrial Automation And
Leading Products

Poulmech enables you to produce efficiently on a global level with leading products and systems.

POULMECH cage systems offer efficient egg production by providing a sufficient and comfortable living space for chickens.

The cage system offers both durable and long-lasting systems with thicker sheet metal materials and quality galvanized coating compared to all similar systems. In addition to the system feet and foot bolts with M16 lugs, together with the feeder foot mounted using double feet, the systems made by the feeder sheet thickness measurements reveal its difference with a much higher level of strength.

We care about animal health with the roundings made at the corners of the sheet metal parts in the system.

POULMECH cage system offers its customers 2 different alternative feeding systems, both with feed trolleys and chains. Contrary to the known standard application, the feed trolley system can be moved by 2 feed trolleys working independently of each other on a wheel system that can distribute the weight equally on each floor with two separate motors and ropes.

There is a feed adjustment apparatus that works connected to the feed trolley itself and provides homogeneous and equal feed distribution with a special adjustment mechanism. Thanks to the design of the feed adjustment apparatus that can work without rubbing into the feeder, the feeder coating is not damaged and the feeder form does not deteriorate in systems that work for many years.

The design and material quality of the chain feeding system is produced in accordance with European standards and the feeder form suitable for the chain structure ensures smooth rotations and even feed distribution.

Nipple irrigation line pipes of appropriate quality and size extending throughout the entire system, cage and 3 steel nipples in each 60 cm mesh width provide much easier access to water for animals. Thanks to the regulators we use, an equal water flow is ensured from the beginning to the end of the system and the appropriate amount of water needs are met with sufficient pressure.

There are two different types of applications for egg collection in POULMECH cage system: elevator (lift system) and elevator (waterfall system). In the elevator system, in addition to the motors that enable the rotation of the cloth belts on each floor to work separately for each row, the amount of broken and cracked eggs is reduced to almost zero with special slowing and guiding designs at the point where the eggs are transferred from the cloth belt to the conveyor. The system is cleaned from dust with the cloth belt brush system at the back of the system.

Proper ventilation is crucial to achieve optimal production output of eggs. Veneq provides an optimal environment with minimum energy expenditure.

Unique in design and especially in the composition of the control systems is the Veneq Tunnel ventilation system. Tunnel ventilation is strictly a warm air system and should only be used at temperatures above 21°C for flocks that are not overly sensitive to airflow, such as flocks older than 3 weeks.

As with normal cross-flow ventilation, the tunnel ventilation system is programmed to turn on automatically when the temperature inside the house increases.


Innovative approach to energy and efficiency

System Processes

Our team is made up of dedicated, professional experts with the constant aim of providing unparalleled services and support in the industry.

Our most important principles are to support our customers by improving the performance of their mechanical and technological processes, ensuring continuity and maximizing sustainable value.

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

We listen to you. We determine your demands and requests. We do the necessary research and analysis.

Solution and Planning

Solution and Planning

We determine the processes and solutions and plan the production so that all your needs are fully met.



With more than 40 years of experience in the sector and our expert staff, we professionally produce the machine you need within the plan we have determined.

Test and Launch

Test and Launch

We carry out the necessary tests after production. After the completion of the trainings, we deliver your machine.


Completed Project


Completed Systems


Completed Facility


Worldwide Installation

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