Feeding system is the most important factor to increase productivity in egg production. POULMECH cage systems offer its customers 2 different alternative feeding systems, both with feed trolleys and chains. Contrary to the known standard application, the feed trolley system can be moved by 2 feed trolleys working independently of each other on a wheel system that can distribute the weight equally on each floor with 2 separate motors and ropes. There is a feed adjustment apparatus that works connected to the feed trolley itself and ensures homogeneous and equal feed distribution with its special adjustment mechanism, and thanks to its special design, feed waste is also prevented. Thanks to the design of the feed adjustment apparatus that can work without rubbing into the feeder, the feeder coating is not damaged and the feeder form does not deteriorate in systems that work for many years.

The chain feeding system is produced in accordance with European standards in design and material quality and provides smooth rotations and even feed distribution thanks to the feeder form suitable for the chain structure.