Poulmech continues to serve its customers all over the world with years of experience.

Poulmech, whose production facility is located in Kemalpaşa/Izmir, aims to protect natural life and leave a livable environment for future generations with the production technologies it uses. We are at your service with our expert team that has mastered all the processes of poultry farming and produces modern and technological solutions from start to finish.

Our company, which has been working to produce the best eggs since the day it was founded, aims for professionalism and international effectiveness, and carries its position in the sector to higher levels day by day with its safe services.

We develop the poultry sector with our professional team and contribute to the sector with our R&D studies in this field.


Experience, Expertise and Quality

We continue to serve all over the world with our export and service network. Wherever you are in the world, it will be enough to contact us. Our company is working to provide the best service to our valued customers.


We are a company that is a leader in its sector and developing every moment as technology!

We stand by all our customers with our products and service networks all over Turkey and the world. We produce our products with high attention and precision in our modern facilities with developing technology. As a company that is always with you, we stand behind our products at every moment.


We are with our valued customers with our special design products.

Qualified and Specialized
Our Squad

Each of our employees serves as an expert in their field.

Before & After

Poulmech is always with you before and after sales. With our service networks, you will never be left behind.